COVID Response – Illinois Emergency Business Assistance Initiative

Hospitality Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in Governor Pritzker’s grant program for hospitality businesses impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown. Please read the following and then fill out the form if you believe you own an eligible business and would invest the grant funds for eligible uses.



  • Food and beverage businesses who generated less than $1M in revenue in 2019 are eligible to apply.
  • Businesses that generated between $500K and $1M in revenue in 2019 are eligible for $25K
  • Businesses that generated less than $500K in revenue in 2019 are eligible for $10K.
  • Businesses must hold a valid restaurant or liquor license.


  • Hotels that generated revenues less the $8 million in 2019 are eligible to apply.
  • Hotels are eligible to up to $50K.
  • Businesses must hold a valid hotel, motel or other lodging license in Illinois.

**Accommodations related to home sharing, including Shared Housing Unit Operators and Hosts, are not eligible



Food and beverage businesses: The eligible uses for grant awards (dictated by the funding sources that are immediately available for this program) are the following:

  1. Working Capital – including payroll, accounts payable, rent, and other fixed costs of operation. Note: the program has a limited amount of grant funds to support working capital only.
  2. Job Training – any and all efforts to train and/or re-train workers, including wages paid while training activities occur, including the following purposes: training employees on skills needed for telecommuting; learning best practices to sanitize spaces, conducting training to on-board new employees or re-board recalled workers; and expanding business capacity to learn how to reach new customers in the wake of this disaster.
  3. Technology – including technology, including hardware, software, and IT services to improve communication with customers and employees and accommodate demand for delivery and pick-up operations. Grants funds can also support other non-technology costs related to evolved operations as a result of the technology, including equipment, sanitary supplies and packaging, signage, etc.


Hotels: Hotels may only use these funds for working capital to retain employees.


  • Hotels, and, food and beverage businesses:
  • Fill out this grant application between March 25 and April 1.
  • Eligible applicants will be placed into a lottery, and grant winners will be notified on April 4.

**Accion Serving Illinois and Indiana, a local nonprofit, will distribute the grant awards on behalf of the State.